Toplight Automotive Experts

Ambitious projects and brilliant solutions


STREET VISION is a project that involves all products useful for improving driver visibility and safety.

We are the perfect partner to rely on.

Our values

  • High-quality products
  • Continous innovation
  • Product depth
  • Refined design
  • Customer focus

Know How

  • Research and development - 27 years
  • Project and Design - 21 years
  • Commercial network development - 33 years

About us

Top Light Italia Srl was established in 2016 by Dario Salvagno, a manager who had been operating in the automotive aftermarket sector for more than 30 years. It’s consolidated experience in the automotive industry has allowed Toplight Automotive Italia to become a DRIVER VISIBILITY EXPERT, developing a range of innovative products, such as wiper blades, bulbs and parking sensors.

Top Light products are always up-to-date with innovations and market trends and stand out for their elegant packaging that doesn’t go unnoticed.

Choosing Top Light means choosing a dynamic and reliable partner, an ever-growing company always ready to meet its customers’ requirements.

  • 31 Years of experience
  • 85+ projects in development
  • 800+ satisified customers
  • 2000+ innovative products

Toplight Italia, born to make the difference!

✓ 20+ years of experience in this sector

The consolidated experience of our founder, Dario Salvagno, has allowed us to build strong relationships with select partners in line with our values and mission.

✓ Striving for perfection

All the products we distribute are carefully selected and tested by our research and development team before being added to our range.

✓ Our clients

Our clients are an integral part of our team. Each client is responsible for their geographical area and is fully supported. They don’t have to worry about the competition of a similar product in their area.

✓ Quality first

All our products undergo stringent checks during every stage of the production process and sample checks before being launched on the market. These tests are based on SAE (wiper blades) and EN standards (bulbs).

✓ Customer service

We provide shops and installers with all the technical support they need to install our products.

✓ A team of professionals

The Top Light Team is always ready to evaluate new opportunities to develop new technologies to improve the performance of our products.